How can I prepare for the International Week?

Useful information

Installation of "Zoom" video conference tool

We will use the video conference tool "Zoom" to stream all contributions to the audience. You can always decide individually if you want to participate with a switched on webcam, audio or if you want to participate anonymously. It is also possible to participate with your smartphone or tablet device. There are free apps in your store available. If you are uncertain whether you can participate with your device,  please check with the aid of this link:
We recommend using the latest version of Zoom (5.5).

Zoom breakout rooms

As a speaker you will be the host of your session. This gives you the opportunity to share your screen and create breakout rooms to split your audience into groups if needed. If you want your audience to be able to share their screens, too, you can make them co-hosts.

Watch this video to learn how to create breakout rooms.


Please feel free to contact us prior to the International Week if you have any further questions, or come and meet us at the virtual conference office (during the International Week).

General technical requirements

We highly recommend using a computer or laptop instead of a smartphone or tablet device to participate in the International Week. Please make sure that you are using the latest browser version. This makes it easier to communicate virtually. 

Since the International Week is an international and intercultural event which can be based on communication in the individual sessions, we recommend using a camera and audio with headset while working with or talking to each other.

General information

You can enter sessions by clicking on the chosen topic in the programme.

In order to allow enough time for switching sessions, each session starts five minutes later than the set time in the programme. This is due to ensure enough time for switching sessions.

The speakers were asked to ensure enough breaks within their sessions to maintain a high level of concentration. Please feel free to use these breaks for ventilation and some exercise. 

We recommend to keep something to drink and a little snack at hand during the sessions.


How to contact other participants or speakers during the International Week

During sessions it is always possible to use the chat function.

If you are interested in contacting other participants or speakers outside of a session, please have a look at our guestbook in our password protected participant area and see if their contact information is listed there.

Feel free to leave your own contact details in our guestbook as well if you are interested in getting in touch with other participants.

We also offer a networking area at WonderME where you can chat with whoever is in the room at the same time.