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Fostering Societal Inclusion - From Theory to Action in just a day!

Dr. Susanne Christ, Dr. Jonas Metzger

EHD, JLU Gießen / Germany


In this workshop, we design and plan an inclusive awareness campaign together. We want to show you how easily you can go from a good idea to a great project!

First, we would like to introduce you very briefly to some theoretical approaches to inclusion and exclusion. Then, after having decided on a specific topic that participants would like to address (e.g., living with impairments, in a marginalised group), we will help you to brainstorm and develop your ideas for an awareness campaign (e.g., a social or artistic intervention, media campaign). After that, you are equipped with the necessary project management skills to work on your campaign and pitching it to aid organisations. At the end of the workshop, you will present your campaign to the other participants and you will receive feedback from experts - this could be the start of an exciting real-life project!


Theological College of Lanka's Solidarity with the Malaiyaha Makkal (Up Country Population) of Sri Lanka on the Celebration of 200 Years of their Arrival in the Country

Rev N Arulnathan

Theological College of Lanka Plimitatalawa / Sri Lanka


The Malaiyaha Makkal refers to Indian Tamil populations who were brought into the country to work on tea estates of the British that were ruling Sri Lanka in the mid 19th century. From their entry to the country till the modern day, this population accounting for almost 5 percent of the country has been under a form of exploitation and voicelessness resulting of no political or property ownership, limited health and education facilities and less opportunities in all spheres of life. The Church in Sri Lanka has been leading the march towards the 'dignified presence, respect and recognition of these populations through different programmes. The TCL as the intellectual and theological hub of the protestant Church in the country has also made its presence on this pilgrimage and this will be detailed in this lecture.