Guten Tag und herzlich willkommen!

Hello and welcome!

Team of the International Days 2023

Prof. Dr. Michael Vilain

Prof. Dr. Michael Vilain

Vice-President Research and International


Prof. Dr. Antje Miksch

Professorship for Modern Health


Leonie Hammerla, M.A. Head of International Office

Leonie Hammerla, M.A.

Head of International Office



Prof. h. c. Dr. Marina Metz

Social Work

Anjuli Spieker, M.A.  Coordinator International Affairs

Anjuli Spieker, M.A. 

Coordinator International Affairs

Prof. Dr. Laura Wallner

Professorship for Inclusive Education/Heilpädagogik

The EHD University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt (EHD) focusses on qualifications in social services and the health care system.



1400 students, 34 professors, 12 academic staff members & 42 employees for administrative support


are bringing the two campuses, Darmstadt and Schwalmstadt-Treysa to life.

EHD is a state-recognised university of applied sciences funded by the Protestant Churches of Hesse and Nassau as well as Kurhessen-Waldeck.

It consists of two campuses - Darmstadt and Schwalmstadt-Treysa.

EHD is practice-oriented, strong in research and international.The academic education is very closely linked to practical experience.


EHD has a second beautiful Campus in northern Hessia, in Schwalmstadt Treysa. The campus is located on the grounds of Hephata Diaconia.